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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New Website

Hi all,

A part of the transition from teaching life at UNT (still a bit of time to go! I'm not dead yet!), is to what Kathryn calls, "back to the free-lance life." And for that, I needed a website. So with the help of Julianna Emanski Kim, we're one the way! Check it out!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Back again . . . and a book born!

Hi all,

It's embarrassing that it's been two and a half years since posting! That will have to change . . . but probably as this academic year winds down!

Much has been changing (if you're a FB friend you know all about it), but I'll catch you up, just in case!

First, I've got a new book published by GIA and the link is here! A long process, but it is finally done and I've held a copy in my hands:

Lots to say/tell (but I'll keep it brief):

I'm retiring from UNT at the end of this academic year (although I'll be around through a fair amount of the summer because of my administrative job—Chair of the Division of Conducting & Ensembles). It's time . . . but I'll miss my fantastic students and colleagues here at UNT!

Kathryn and I will move back to the NW, the Olympic Peninsula, in the town of Sequim—cue up our real estate agent's video . . . a tiny bit cheesy, but you'll see why we like it! Beautiful place!

I'm "retiring," but certainly not stopping making music and teaching in various ways! Some are in process, so I'll wait before announcing them, but among other things, just accepted conducting the Montana All-State Choir in Fall 2020.

I'll leave it at that now, but will try to post before 2021 the next time!