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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Further evidence of a traveling guest conductor

I'm in the midst of doing my taxes, so more evidence of how much time I've spent away from home this past calendar year.

Remember, though, I had two LONG periods in Stockholm beginning January 1, with two Edmonton concerts in between (so only a couple weeks at home between 1 January and 15 May).

To Edmonton in May for auditions, the Chorus America conference in June, a trip to Eugene and the Oregon Bach Festival for a few concerts and to meet some people at the end of June/beginning of July, a week in Edmonton in early July for administrative work, a trip to Vancouver in August to discuss Orfeo with principals, another trip to Edmonton for more administrative work late in August, three weeks in Edmonton and Calgary in September conducting two different programs, four and a half weeks in Edmonton in October and November for a Pro Coro concert and Orfeo, and 2 weeks in Edmonton in December for the Christmas concert.

Grand total? 140 days at home, 225 days away.

Crazy, huh?