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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sweden – 9 May 2008

Friday and the Vårkonsert finally arrived.

We met my folks for lunch at a favorite restaurant in Gamla Stan, then I headed back to the apartment for a bit more preparation and rest. Kath wandered for a bit with my folks before returning as well, since she wanted to go to the rehearsal to take some pictures.

We got to Berwaldhallen around a quarter to five to see the setup and confirm last minute things with Mikael, Johan, and Nils. Rehearsal was at 5:30—this is a typical schedule for RK, a one hour final rehearsal on the day, then one hour break (sandwiches and fruit provided), then the concert.

The concert was almost sold out, so there was a great crowd. The concert went by quickly for me, but was certainly great fun and went well. Wonderful people there as well: Maria Södersten sat with Kathryn and my parents, Birgit Hemberg and the Dimanders were sitting in the front row (they also gave a beautiful bouquet that was presented at the end of the concert), Christina Björk and her partner Erling (Christina is one of Gunilla’s best friends—we had brunch at their place last year), Ingrid Johansson (Bosse had a rehearsal), and of course, Eric Ericson and Monica.

At any rate, great fun and you can listen yourselves (at least for awhile—I don’t know how long these are kept online) here.

With Johan and Mikael:

Nils and Johan at rehearsal:

A couple shots with RK at rehearsal:

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Peter said...

I listened to the feed from the weblink and the sound is very clear. Congratulations on what sounds to have been a great show! The mix of trombone and guitar worked very well in the context of the overall program and I can tell the audience enjoyed themselves.
See you next week.