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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sweden – 14-15 May 2008

So, the last full day finally arrives. We met with Gary Graden for lunch—he’d just gotten back from Berlin, where he’d prepared the Radio Choir (Simon Halsey is their regular conductor) for a performance with Michael Gielen and the Berlin Philharmonic. He’d had a great time and said the choir is singing very well. It was good to see him one more time before leaving. A great friend.

At 3:30 I had my last rehearsal with RK, who were leaving the next day (same day as us) for the Netherlands and their concerts with Peter and the Nederlands Kamerkoor. This was to refresh the Pizzetti Requiem and Verdi Quattro Pezzi Sacri for them before they began rehearsals with NK (they are only doing the Verdi jointly—the Pizzetti they will do on their own, although with NK in the audience!). I think they’re well prepared, but of course, Peter has done the preparation of NK, so I hope the Verdi melds easily for them. All such great music!

We bid goodbye to singers, to Arne, Marita from the RKs administration (who was always so helpful), and to Mikael. A little sad to leave after working with the choir so much since January, but I have much to do and great projects to look forward to next year. Eva Wedin will visit us this summer in Tacoma, and it’ll be great fun to show her some of the Pacific Northwest.

Arne, me, and Mikael:

Me and Eva:

The evening was spent packing and the next morning washing linens and cleaning before the taxi arrived to take us to Arlanda airport.

And that ends this year’s Swedish adventure.

We can’t thank enough all of our friends here who make us feel so welcome, the great singers of RK, and most of all, Gunilla. What a spectacular time!


John Brough said...

Sounded like a great experience Richard - very fun to read about it along the way as well.

My funny story about the Pizzetti Requiem. Back when I was still apartment living, I had a landlord who enjoyed the fact that I played such "lovely" music on my stereo, especially when he and his wife were gardening outside my window.

However, one day I had the Sanctus from the Pizzetti on full blast (The Westminster choir recording) - it was the only time the landlord knocked on my door to ask me to turn it down.

Richard said...

Wow! I think that's one of the most exciting movements in the piece, but there you go, differences of opinion.

Glad you enjoyed the blog, John! I continue to enjoy reading yours.