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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ivan Fischer's Budpest Festival Orchestra sings!

It's remarkable to hear a professional orchestra--and I can think of hardly anyone else other than Ivan Fischer who would do it!--sing some a cappella Brahms:

Message from Ivan Fischer:
"Dear Friends, on this present tour I asked the Budapest Festival Orchestra to start a new life – to sing regularly. At the end of the Proms and elsewhere on tour we performed Abendständchen by Brahms as an encore only after three days of practice.

"Why? Because people should sing! Mothers should sing to their babies, children should sing in children’s choirs and adults should rediscover this wonderful communication tool. So we should set an example and start to show that it is possible to overcome fears and inhibitions.

"If you want to hear our very first attempt, please scroll to the end of the symphony, ca 45 minutes on this link."

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