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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Neil Lieurance - follow up

Many of you saw my blog post about Neil Lieurance Sunday. Those in the know were aware that Neil didn't have much time left. He's been fighting pancreatic cancer for some time (he missed ACDA in Dallas for a surgery). Well, that fight came to an end Sunday, ironically the same day of that post. I  talked to Rick Asher, another long-time friend, yesterday and he let me know. He and others have been there for Neil throughout this long fight and I an only wish I was to be able to be there in person as well.

I talked with Neil about 2 weeks ago and had a wonderful conversation with him, even though Neil was dealing with some painful fluid build up in the lungs. Rick said he was lucid to the end. 70 is far too young for an end to such a wonderful life, but Neil will live on in all of us who knew him--and that's a lot of people. He lived a great life and has been an influence in so many lives, mine only one of them.

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