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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Auditioning Singers I

I'm baaack! Hope you've had a good summer break!
If you missed the end of my intonation series last spring, I'll post links at the end of this blog.
Auditions are something most of us do to evaluate potential singers for our choirs. Some do it in the spring, some in the late summer/fall just before the new academic year/season begins.
Of course, the level of your group will determine how elaborate and challenging your audition process will be. Some of you may not do formal auditions (you may conduct a non-auditioned or "ya'll come" choir), but even then evaluation of your individual singers can be helpful at some point (and potentially helpful to them, too).
Any audition will look to evaluate:
  • vocal ability/skill
  • ear
  • musicianship/sightreading
  • and possibly ensemble skills
In addition, it's important to evaluate the personality of the singer: are they a team player? How motivated might they be to work on music outside of rehearsal? Will they be suportive of other singers in the choir?
I'll take each of these topic in turn. As always, I value your feedback and opinions--you'll greatly add to the dialogue and knowledge base. Read the comments in the intonation series for wonderful examples!
Here are links to the intonation series, in order:

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