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Friday, December 17, 2010

Online "Christmas Card" advertising the new Arts Center in Kristiansand, Norway

My sister-in-law is an administrator for the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (Kristiansand is at the southern tip of Norway) and sent this e-card with a picture of the new hall, plus photos of the performing ensembles (orchestra, opera, dance) accompanied by a recording from their Christmas concert this year, featuring Norwegian trumpet player Tine Thing. To get the card to play, click on the link, "Klikk på kortet for a åpne det."

A lovely way to publicize their new hall, which is close to opening and a nice way for anyone to publicize their ensemble/organization. I'll have to find out if we can do something like this at UNT!

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Postadresse: Marviksveien 140, 4632 Kristiansand

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