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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm here!

Well, I'm here in Sweden. Fairly uneventful flights (non-stop Seattle/Copenhagen, 3 1/2 hour lay-over, Copenhagen/Stockholm) and transportation to the apartment--although I don't think anyone still looks at air travel as glamorous!

Thanks again to our wonderful friend, Gunilla Luboff, for lending us her apartment. A great place, centrally located.

My main task today was to stay awake (which I've done sucessfully!! Getting settled, getting some groceries, etc.

Met for lunch with Arne Lundmark, manager for the Radio Choir, and Eva Wedin, choir member and librarian, both great friends. Had a very nice time, got started with programming for the Spring concert, and caught up with what's happening at the Radio. I think things are going well for the choir with new chief conductor, Peter Dijkstra, and I look forward to watching him work with the choir next week.

When I got back to the apartment, there was a nice "Welcome to Stockholm" greeting from Eric Ericson on the answering machine. We then talked briefly and will find time later to get together. Eric is still doing well (a "little slower" from age, he says), and doing fewer concerts, but still vital. He'll celebrate his 90th birthday next October!

The weekend will be a little slower, so time to get organized, do some score study, and ready for the busy times to come. I probably won't blog about Sweden until next week, but if I have time, may touch on another musical subject.

Until then . . .

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