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Monday, November 12, 2007

Feb. 13, 2007

My wife, Kathryn, and I planned a "mini-sabbatical" to Sweden this year, taking advantage of a break between my concerts with Pro Coro Canada to spend 7 weeks in Stockholm (along with a week to visit Kathryn's youngest sister and her family in southern Norway). I sent a report to some friends, including Howard Meharg, and of course Howard asked if this might be of interest to others and could he put it on the NW ACDA website. Obviously I said yes, so here is the first installment.

First, we're able to do this because our friend, Gunilla Luboff, lent us her apartment in Stockholm for this period. In that, we're very lucky! We've stayed here before and her apartment sits on a hill just outside of downtown, with gorgeous views of the city and water, including City Hall, where the Nobel prizes are awarded each year. It's a short walk to downtown and possible for us to walk almost everywhere. Winter had arrived shortly before we came, so there is some snow on the ground (less now) and temperatures in the high teens to mid-20s, some days sunny and others overcast. But Stockholm is a beautiful city no matter what the weather (although it's truly gorgeous in the summer) and I would spend time here anytime.

Another purpose for my coming was the opportunity to work again with the Swedish Radio choir, but more of that later in March, when I work with them.

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